Credence Redefined Services Private Limited is a new addition to SMA Group.

Credence being part of SMA group companies is going to launch India’s #1st Ever BGC application which can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Credence has been incorporated in the year 2016. It has been opened up for entering into the information services market with a new business model. Credence has aimed to deliver the risk management services at the door step of the big corporate houses, householders and every possible person who would need verification services. India is marking a murky underbelly of background checks in India increasing importance of EBGC. Credence will be a major role player in tackling the setbacks and providing the information after a series of checks.

Privacy Policy

JustVerified Research Services ("JustVerified") is committed to safeguarding the privacy of the clients utilising our website. Following points explain in detail how we at JustVerified safe guide the personal information of clients utilising our services.

Copyright of all the content available on website, trademarks, corporate logos and emblems displayed solely belongs to JustVerified or its subsidiaries and/or its licensors where so indicated) and remain so unless otherwise stated on the web site.

Unless otherwise expressly stated in legal notices elsewhere, you are hereby authorized to view, copy, print or distribute any document published on the web site, provided that: (i) It is strictly for personal and non-commercial use only, (ii) It is for information purposes only, and (iii) Reference is made to JustVerified when the document is used.

Revealing Personal Information:

Personal information that may be collected includes name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, residence photo; Geo tagging and in the event you are submitting payment for a product or service, credit card number. Such information may be stored indefinitely and may be collected and processed in one or more databases maintained directly or indirectly by JustVerified. In addition to identification, registration, authentication, and transaction processing, JustVerified may use that information for marketing purposes in order to make aware of additional products and services which may be of interest to the user, or to contact them regarding changes to, new offerings on our site, special events and promotions

Information Publication:

JustVerified will keep the information about the users in its site, with prior consent of the user. JustVerified may record and share aggregated information with general public.

Hoarded Information:

Information about users are collected by JustVerified collectively, such as the most frequently visited sites, the services accessed and the links to JustVerified’s partners that users most often visit through mobile application ,web portal, through our channel partners, JustVerified offices ,by mails or by any other means which may be introduced in later stage. JustVerified aggregates such data and uses it. This information helps to understand what is most constructive for our customers both present and perspective, so that we can design different services, verticals & lineaments to continually provide most suited services to our users.

The main objective of our site is to help corporates, potential employers, business persons, domestic houses, retail industry and in almost all sector, those who want to verify someone's background and someone's documents, to know the authenticity of the person or documents, which helps them to make a healthy decision in different stages.

How to Remove your Personal Information from the JustVerified Website

(People Search) Database: As a courtesy, we allow user to take down their personal information from our Website, which means that their certification. As it appears in a particular record and the associated identification information such as address and phone numbers, will be suppressed on your request. However, please note that any time your personal information appears in a public record or in a publicly or commercially available manner, in a way that is different from the particular record you chose to be removed from; it may again put up on the Website at users request by mail and by making payment online the specified fee. In order to suppress or remove your personal information of a user from surfacing on the Website, we require authenticating user’s identity. To do so, we would require proof of identity or proof of address. A government issued ID card such as passport, driver's license, voter's ID, ration card or PAN card can be enlisted as Proof of identity. Proof of address can be a utility bill (landline, mobile, electricity, water supply). Please mail scanned copies to info@justverified.in, it may take 2 to 7 working days to process request placed.

Communications Made to Service Recipients

JustVerified have exclusive rights to retain the information or the like, in case of disclosure by user any information, feedback, data, questions, comments, suggestions or other items made to JustVerified regarding JustVerified and its contents, or the services offered on this site, or any such communication shall be deemed not to be confidential and shall be treated as the property of JustVerified. JustVerified shall be free from all binding agreements to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute such communication to others, without limitation.

Submissions Made to JustVerified

JustVerified uses its best efforts to grant access to information to anyone, who wants user’s information. In any event that user submits information to JustVerified in any form including audio, video, or photographs, whether submitted via mobile application, web portal, site or otherwise, such information may be published or distributed by JustVerified to third-party clients will be searchable and viewable by such third-party clients of JustVerified or any one. However, JustVerified is not responsible or liable if some other party gains any unauthorized access over the information. JustVerified will culminate publishing, distributing, or making available user’s information to general public or third-party clients upon receipt of a written request from user. However, if JustVerified clients or anyone seeking users certification related information, who have gained access over such information may have a retained copy of the information in their own files or databases ,JustVerified cannot be held responsible for the retention, use, or privacy of user’s information in such instances.

Policy Changes

JustVerified's privacy policies are open for revision at regular intervals, so for the benefit of the users it is requested to check the policies periodically. If at any time, any questions or concerns arise pertaining to JustVerified's privacy commitment, feel free to contact us at info@justverified.in