Credence Redefined Services Private Limited is a new addition to SMA Group.

Credence being part of SMA group companies is going to launch India’s #1st Ever BGC application which can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Credence has been incorporated in the year 2016. It has been opened up for entering into the information services market with a new business model. Credence has aimed to deliver the risk management services at the door step of the big corporate houses, householders and every possible person who would need verification services. India is marking a murky underbelly of background checks in India increasing importance of EBGC. Credence will be a major role player in tackling the setbacks and providing the information after a series of checks.


I m a student and now I want to discontinue and join a job, can I take a pre-verified certificate from JustVerified?

Ans.: Yes u can go for a certificate before going to an interview.

Is there any sample report?

Ans : Yes, it’s available in our website.

Can I apply the same verification Online ?

Ans: Yes you can go to our JustVerified mobileapp and by making certain prefixed payment, u can get the certificate within a specified date.

Can you verify ,where ever is my address?

Ans: Our company is having PAN India presence and you can get the report within a period of 2 days to 7 days.

How can I get this report ?

Ans:You can get it through your valid mail id and the same will be uploaded in our company website too after getting prior consent of yours.

How can this pre-verification will help me in my recruitment ?

Ans: This verification will reduce your recruitment process followed by HR of every company .In first instant,hr can give you appointment letter without going for post address verification.

Which all companies requires this type of verification ?

Ans: All most all IT /ITes/Big corporates/Insurance companies ,Educational institution and other retail companies also started employee background check process.

Can I know, who all are viewing my profiles ?

Ans:yes ,you can check it by paying certain amount from our website.

I m an HR manager, can I rely on the report which is there in your JustVerified website ?

Ans: We are in this field of verification since more than a decade and we have given more than 50 lakhs reports to various IT n Financial Institutions in India. We do double checks to maintain quality and upload the pictures of the applicant.

How many local centres do you have to facilitate candidates/applicants ?

Ans: We have local counters in each cities in franchisee model,u can transfer the fund online only through that centre and upload your docs in that center and get the registration no.for future references.

Can I open a JustVerified centre in our location/city?

Ans: You can go through our Franchisee model from our website,our marketing team will help you.

Can we go for group verification ?

Ans:Yes, you can do it through corporate booking and also avail discount on same.

If the verification is not possible due to certain reason,can I get my money back ?

Ans: Yes it will be refunded within 7 days from the date of rejection through normal payment gateway.

Is there any reference no. Which I can share with my employer ?

Ans:Yes ,once u upload the docs ,system will generate one reference no.which u can Quote in each of your resume.

Is there any fixed rate for address verification ?

Ans: Rates varies based on your different documents need to be verified.

What type of docs can be verified?

Ans: So many things can be verified,which is mentioned in our mobile app,you can select from the drop down of type of docs verification .

Is it compulsory for this type of pre verification ?

Ans: No,but if you carry this type of certificate ,than it will definitely reduce your recruitment process timing and recruiter will have more confident in selecting you.

Can this be used in domestic verification?

Ans:Yes,any housewife or any person ,if they want to verify someone's docs or residence can do through mobile app .

Is there any refund or cancellation process ,once docs is uploaded ?

Ans: Once docs uploaded,it can not be cancelled as the same is instantly goes to concerned field verifier through our central team for verification.

How long this certificate is valid?

Ans:This certificate is valid till your address is not changed.

Question:Should I go for another certificate ,if the address changed?

Ans:Once address is changed ,you have to follow same process to verify the new address once again ,by making payment of required verification.

Does JustVerified share its database with others or participate in spam E Mail programs?

Answer: Yes JustVerified share its database with 3rd parties with prior permission of candidate. Hence, unless there is a specific acceptance from any customer we will not share our database to any 3rd party.

What is the procedure for registration?

Answer: It is a very simple way. You can go to App Store and download Just Verified app in your android mobile set and start taking our various services. You require only valid E Mail ID. Just enter your personal details like your name, address and contact numbers. After entering these details, the mail will be sent your Mail ID provided at the time of registration.

How long are you in this business ? 

Answer: Just Verified is promoted by Credence Redefined Services Pvt Ltd,which is coming under the group of SMA e-EXPERTS PVT LTD,one of the leading field verification company since 2005.

How do I Pay? 

Answer: JustVerified requires an online payment at the time of ordering any of the services. You can pay by either Visa or Master Card or Online transfer. The payments are processed through CC Avenues, which is one of the India's largest payment processor. Your payment is processed in a secure and confidential environment.JustVerified dose not keep member's credit card/Account information on file under any circumstances

What is the turnaround time for the reports?

Answer: Just Verified gives the report within 2 to 7 working days. In the case of holidays then the same will be extended to two working days.

Do you take cases from all over India?

Answer: Yes, it’s a PAN India company, but there may be delays in Naxalilte locations, which our team will inform you prior to processing.

How sure am I about authenticity of information?

Answer: Our parent company is into this type of verification since 11 years and has be providing services to all Nationalised banks, Private Banks, NBFC’s, Insurance companies and Big IT /ITES companies in India. They all rely on our reports. We as a company very strongly believe in giving accurate information to our clients. We are ISO Certified and NASSCOM member. We give report with site photographs and Geo mapping photo. We however don't take any direct legal or other liability in case any information leads to financial or other loss to the client.

What will happen if JustVerified is not able to give report, will money given be refunded?

Answer : If the report cannot be given due to any specific reason the company will refund 100% charges collected from the customer. This is an initial offer by the portal to its customers and the firm reserves the right to reverse of alter such an offer at any given point in time.

What will be legal liability of JustVerified in respect of data provided?

Answer : We don't take any legal or other liability in case any person incurs any loss due to any information provided by the site

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Answer : If you have a new question, or if you wish to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email info@Justverified.in or call us at 0674-6668666 or Whatsapp in: 08093666066.