Credence Redefined Services Private Limited is a new addition to SMA Group.

Credence being part of SMA group companies is going to launch India’s #1st Ever BGC application which can be used by anyone and anywhere.

Credence has been incorporated in the year 2016. It has been opened up for entering into the information services market with a new business model. Credence has aimed to deliver the risk management services at the door step of the big corporate houses, householders and every possible person who would need verification services. India is marking a murky underbelly of background checks in India increasing importance of EBGC. Credence will be a major role player in tackling the setbacks and providing the information after a series of checks.

About JustVerified

JustVerified is India's first mobile verification application & web based application, where verification of documents & EBGC is provided at your finger tips.

In this world full of frauds, questionable data integrity issues & Identity thefts our company has taken a pragmatic step by bringing an easier way of verification and giving reliability to the customer.

With the rapid development of the country and simultaneous growth in every sector, there has been a consistent rise in identity thefts, document forgery. To get past that Credence Redefined Services Private Limited has brought together a team of professional aiming to bring in a greater level of transparency by enabling thorough scrutiny of documents and background screening of Individuals.

JustVerified brand is the brain child of K Sanjeeb Patra, Director of SMA-e-Experts Private Limited which is registered with the corporate name of Credence Redefined Services Private Limited. JustVerified is the startup of SMA-e-EXPERTS PVT LTD and 3RD EYE SCREENING & CONSULTING Private Limited. Both the companies are into loan verification and contact point verification services for all major banks, NBFC’s, Corporate and Insurance companies since last 11 years throughout PAN India.

SMA-e-Experts Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company and is also a NASSCOM Registered Member.

One can conveniently download the application from the play store and order for required verification to be done by paying specified fee and the report will received within 2-7 days. Use this app and avail the verification services to make your-self free from any unforeseen happenings. Before any recruitment or documents finalization, It's is always advisable to verify it through JustVerified.( Trust But Verify First).

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